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SharePoint Integration Framework (1.1.0 rev. 130613) for Sitecore - Use Cases

If you were wondering how a non-bi-directional SPIF works in different use cases, you may want to look at the table below based from my testing.

#Sharepoint ChangesSupported?SPIFNotes1Folder createdYFolder createdDo not name the folder or file with special chars like "-"2Folder deletedYIntegration folder is deletedThis deletes any items in the folder3Folder renamedNRename not supportedRefrain from renaming folders in Sharepoint to avoid confusion - it wont get renamed in SC
Folder is still connected and any items added or updated under it gets syncd3.1 Upload FileYFile is pulled into SC similar to #5Still syncs even though folder name is different4Folder Moved?NFolder is deletedGets recreated as a new folder in the target location and any items under it5File uploadedYFile is pulled to SC5.1 File updatedYUpdated file is pulled into SCSP Overwrite\\keeps its GUID and refs6File deletedYFile deleted in SC7File renamedNRename not supportedFile is still in sync, eventhough …

Add/Allow a different media URL prefix in Sitecore (aside from tilde ~) in Sitecore 7.0

We recently had a requirement when one of our external vendors required that our media URLs should not include the "~" in the link as their system could not process those correctly.
I found a few articles in the web, but most of them would suggest changing the default behavior, i.e. any "new" media item would have the 'new' replacement character though still supporting the tilde "~".
Based on the web articles, I started with the following config keys and section:

Media.RequestExtensionMedia.MediaLinkPrefixcustomHandlers We did not want to change any of the default behaviors, we just needed a way to make Sitecore support the additional URL media prefix. While sifting through the configuration, I chanced upon the following section: <mediaPrefixes>  According to the comment above it:

Allows you to configure additional media prefixes (in addition to the prefix defined by the Media.MediaLinkPrefix setting)
           The prefixes are used by Sitecore…