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Sitecore 7.0 : WFFM 2.3.0 - End of String Expected Error

Got hit today by this issue when I was validating our latest WFFM installation for our Dev SC7.0 instances. Some existing pages with WFFM forms in them where throwing these exceptions. After a lot of searching and troubleshooting, I remembered that I ran into this issue before; with the Sitecore queries. SC queries in particular do not like "and", "or" and "-" in item names (paths). I suspect, Sitecore.Forms.Core.dll contains a new call using an SC query.

Looks like this breaking change was not documented in the SDN.

My current alternative is to move these affected forms elsewhere i.e. under items without the prohibited character and words.


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One of our business users was requesting for a listing of items they've already added and have it available in a format that can be opened in a spreadsheet (Excel). My initial thought was to create a blank aspx page and write all the logic to get the data in the code-behind, run it and save the resulting file to a csv then I'm done.
But then it got me to think, it might be a better idea to have this functionality plugged in to Sitecore and made available for everyone to use.  Sitecore Bucket's Search Options fly-out seemed a good candidate for this feature (See image below). So doing some quick readings I got myself in to the "zone" and started implementing this quick and dirty PoC.

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Upon closer inspection, we found out that their content inside their RTE was missing.
We added them back but, it just kept getting stripped-off when we close the editor.
This did not happen to us before when we were using SC6.5, so this basically smells more like an upgrade issue.
I scanned all of the config changes (I kept a log) and found one curious setting:

<setting name="HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts" value="true" />

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Just turn it off in your CM and keep it on in your CD.

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          <mediaValidator type="Sitecore.Resources.Media.ImageValidator"/>
            <generator type="Sitecore.Resources.Media.ImageThumbnailGenerator, Sitecore.Kernel">